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Phone Tap PODCAST: Christian No Veggies

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Christian works for a catering company and he CAN'T STAND dealing with all those high-maintenance bridezillas out there with their ridiculous demands. Like today's "bride-to-be" actually wants a VEGETARIAN option at her wedding reception? I mean, WHO does she think she is?!? Christian won't stand for it... Hear what he has to say in the PHONE TAP. Read More »

Phone Tap PODCAST: Makin It In Hollywood

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Jubal pretends to be a talent scout from a big Entertainment agency in Hollywood... and he has the SECRET to "making it big" in TV, movies, you name it! EVERY major celebrity has done it... and Jubal is ready to share his special secret with a guy from Seattle. It's a little STRANGE. But trust me, it WORKS. Find out his "secret" in the PODCAST. Read More »