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Looks can be deceiving…

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The first lady looks a little scared to open the door at the sight of these gentleman. I wouldn’t have been. I’d been like, “helllllooo hotttties!” Read More »

PODCAST: Awkward Tuesday Phone Call – Split The Ring

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One of our listeners (Jake), emailed the show because he's almost ready to "pop the question" to his long-time girlfriend. The ONLY problem is with the cost of the engagement ring. . . Luckily, he has an idea, but he's going to need our help in the Awkward Tuesday Phone Call, to see if he can pull it off. Read More »

Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (12/1/15)

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Amy Schumer gets naked & goes into explicit detail about her Bradley Cooper sexual fantasy....HOLY NSFW! [PICS IN LINK] We can't believe what John Legend pulled off for Chrissy Teigen's surprise 30th birthday party, it's EPIC! Plus, Adele makes music history & even she's shocked by it! Read More »