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Obama Visits Oso


That traffic you might have experienced earlier might have been a direct result of the President’s visit to Oso. The Prez took a helicopter tour of the devastation to see the monstrosity for himself,  and had this to say about it: [NBC] “We’re not going anywhere, we’ll be there as long as it takes,” Obama said at firehouse in Oso, Wash. ... Read More »

Phone Tap PODCAST: I Lost Your Diamond

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Mark is SUPER NERVOUS about proposing to his girlfriend tomorrow... Well he's about to go ballistic. Because Jubal is calling from the engagement ring store with some bad news about the diamond ring that Mark purchased. And it only gets worse from there. Hear Mark's reaction in the PHONE TAP! Read More »

Phone Tap PODCAST: Ghosts In Your Bathroom

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In today's Phone Tap Jubal pretends to be a paranormal investigator... and he knows the ONE PLACE ghosts LOVE to hide is in the bathroom. But, for some reason, the guy on the phone doesn't believe Jubal. He better do what Jubal says or else those shower ghosts are just going to get angrier! Listen to the PHONE TAP. Read More »