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Lydia’s List… Three Songs You Need NOW

Macklemore @ FunFunFun Fest in Austin, TX

The least beloved of the week's seven kids is clearly Tuesday. His little league games and science fairs would be completely ignored if it weren't for Tuesday's saving grace... a bevy of new music releases to save your week from falling into a "Case of the Mondays" black hole. If you're too busy/overwhelmed/cool to sort through the new additions, fear not. Click here for the best new tracks you need to download, like NOW. Read More »

PODCAST: Awkward Tuesday Phone Call – Stealing My Lunch

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One of our listeners, Marie, has been getting her lunch STOLEN out of the fridge at work for the last few weeks… And she FINALLY GOT A TIP on who's been doing it. It's time to confront the guy. Unfortunately, Marie is the SWEETEST, most soft spoken creature on the Earth. Can we help her in the Awkward Tuesday Phone Call? Hear it in the PODCAST! Read More »

Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (09/23/14)

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After years of rumors that she faked her pregnancy, Beyonce finally reveals her naked baby bump in intimate video! Miss America was kicked out her sorority and we know why! Plus, Taylor Swift invited fans into her house ....and it's not because she needed friends. Find out the cool reason here. Read More »

Sounders vs. Chivas CLOSE [X]