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Phone Tap PODCAST: The Temp

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Jubal calls a co-worker to “goodbye". It’s time he moves on to another job… and Im going to miss her. She doesn’t feel the same way… though… probably because they've only worked together for a week and they've never even talked to each other before. Hear it in the PHONE TAP. Read More »

Second Date Update PODCAST: Former Athlete

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Former athlete, Cody, had his baseball career end early thanks to injuries… and ALSO had his RELATIONSHIP end early with a girl named Jennifer. They've only been on one date, so what could Cody have done to scare her away? Find out in the Second Date Update PODCAST. Read More »

Phone Tap PODCAST: Asian Breasts (07/28/14)

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Jubal calls a woman who's just a few days away from a breast augmentation… And he just wants to go over the all new "options" that are available out there in the boob world! You know, it's 2014… and a lot of things have changed (for the better?). Hear Jubal's suggestions for her lovely lady lumps in the PHONE TAP. Read More »

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