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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (8/27/15)

Credit: YouTube

Miley Cyrus made Jimmy Kimmel very, very she really allowed to wear that on TV???? [VIDEO IN LINK] There is actually some truly shocking news about Jennifer Aniston's wedding dress! Plus, Ashley Madison is now more than a cheating's a TV show???? Read More »

Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (8/26/15)

Credit: YouTube

Adam Levine's wife, Behati Prinsloo, gets her wisdom teeth out & the "after dentist" video of her is amazing! [VIDEO IN LINK] Everyone is freaking out at what Taylor Swift was caught saying to her boyfriend Calvin Harris! [VIDEO IN LINK] Plus, did Chris Brown just win for ugliest tattoo ever???? It's a head on his head....and it's weird. Read More »