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Latest from MOViN925.com

PODCAST: Whatcha Doing at Comicon?

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 9.42.07 AM

Over the weekend, Thousands of people descended upon the city of Seattle for ONE REASON… "Emerald City Comicon". They came dressed in costumes of their favorite superheros and fantasy characters... Jose didn't have an outfit, but he DID have a microphone and he was right in the middle of it all, Asking people: "Whatcha Doing at Comicon?" Read More »

Second Date Update PODCAST: Faceburn

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 9.22.56 AM

After hundreds of Second Date Updates, we were POSITIVE that we heard every bad excuse possible to get out of a date… until we heard today's caller. What she did to escape from the date is SO INSANE, it will definitely go down in history as the craziest excuse ever. Read More »

PODCAST: The Loser Line (03/30/15)


When CREEPERS hit on you, at the club or even at your family reunion, don’t give them your REAL PHONE NUMBER… give them the Loser Line Number. They’ll call us and leave us a nice weird little message that we can play ON THE AIR! Hear this week’s “loser”s in the PODCAST. Read More »