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Phone Tap PODCAST: Restaurant STDs

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Jubal calls a restaurant because he's very upset with what happened when he dined in their establishment… and the hostess who's taking his call better be prepared for the WRATH that Jubal is about to unleash on her. Read More »

Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (10/8/15)

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A photographer caught Justin Bieber totally nude....and let's just say everyone is impressed. [NSFW PICS IN LINK] Selena Gomez just admitted to something that is totally heartbreaking. Plus, Taylor Swift promises she has a way to ensure your life is "AWESOME"....and it might actually work. Read More »

PODCAST: Weirdest Things You Ever Got Trick-or-Treating

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Every year, when you go trick or treating. There are certain houses that just give out weird stuff to the kids…Things that aren't candy… that aren't even FOOD… just strange items. Well, A list came out of the Top 10 Weirdest trick or treating items ever. Read More »

Second Date Update PODCAST: Bowling for Boobs


In today's Second Date Update… it takes a us a WHILE to get the guy to admit why he's not calling Rebecca back after their date. And when it finally comes out, no one in the room can believe, that ANY man would ever say something like that. Read More »