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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (12/18/14)


Man spends $150,000 to look like Kim Kardashian and the pics are insane! (PIC IN LINK) Sony cancels "The Interview" and you'll never believe how much money it's costing them! Justin Bieber got turned down by a girl and the reason is absolutely amazing! Find out why here! Read More »

Phone Tap PODCAST: Miguel and the Cloud

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One woman is having problems accessing "the cloud" on her computer. Apparently she can't get into any of her documents and needs her password RESET… that's why our friend "Miguel" calls her from Tech support. His English isn't the BEST and his people skills need some work… But hey… at least he's TRYING. Listen in the PHONE TAP! Read More »

Traveling with a baby?


Well, here’s a brilliant idea for you!  Little gift bags for your fellow passengers! My mother bribed me with M&M’s my whole life. One M&M at a time to keep me quiet on a flight. An M&M to learn my colors. For diving to the bottom of the pool. This is why I have issues with food. Read More »

Phone Tap PODCAST: Text My Butt

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Jubal calls a college counseling center and he just hopes that SOMEONE can help him with a difficult question that he's struggling with… and YES, it's about what he should send to a girl in a sext message. Hear it in the PHONE TAP! Read More »