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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (10/24/16)

Credit: Youtube

WAIT WHAT???? DJ Khaled put his entire son's birth on Snapchat....too much or totally awesome???? [VIDEO IN LINK] Kim Kardashian was on "60 Minutes" to argue that she is talented....and what she said is pretty convincing! [VIDEO IN LINK] Plus, we have Taylor Swift's deposition against the radio DJ who allegedly groped her & what she says happened is messed up!

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Second Date Update PODCAST: Napkin Cash


Most people go on a first date and try to IMPRESS the other person!! Some people wear a certain type of cologne, talk about their dog, and sometimes PAY for the whole bill!! And on today’s Second Date Update, the guy did something to impress his date that could earn him the title as BIGGEST SHOW OFF of ALL TIME! FInd out …

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