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Failed Movie Actually Turns Out To Be Real?!?

Failed Crowdfunding movie or Greatest Online Troll ever?? Two years a Chicago-based comedy group created a Indiegogo campaign to raise almost $78K to make a feature length film…But for some reason the movie was not made and the company went silent! Well they’re back and their reasoning is actually LEGIT! Read more here!! and Watch the trailer below!    

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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (9/30/16)

OMG Rob Kardashian just admitted he had a crush on his own sister?????? GROSS!!!! Can you guess which one? It's official, we know who is performing the 2017 Super Bowl Halftime Show! Plus, for only $10 you can eat pizza & drink beer with Matt Damon, Ben Affleck & Tom Brady...worth it?

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VIDEO: Conan Hits The Gym With Kevin Hart

I would love to go the gym with these two guys!!! Conan O’Brien and Kevin Hart hit the gym to work out their legs, arms, and even their taints…AND it’s HILARIOUS!!! Watch below to see how these two get exercise together!!!

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SIA Concert (09-29-16)


The MOViN 92.5 Street Team were out at KeyArena showing SIA fans what its like to be on the other side of the wig! Check out your photos here!

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PODCAST: Love At First Kiss Jose And Kirstie (9/29/16)

CREDIT: Jose Bolanos

For the past week, we’ve been soliciting on the air and on social media…to find a potential LOVE INTEREST for our own Jose Bolanos!!!! Today we played a game called “Love at First Kiss” where Jose will KISS a girl who he has never met, seen, or heard from before!! This should be awkward yet beautiful at the same time!!! Hear …

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PODCAST: Shock Collar Question Of the Day (9/29/16)

Credit: BigStockPhoto

People have called it the dumbest thing ever heard on radio… Which is why we do it every morning at 6:05 am. It’s Shockcollar Question of the Day! Answer the trivia question correctly, and you don’t get shocked. But if you get it wrong, you WILL suffer the consequences.

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Phone Tap PODCAST: J-Lo Needs a New Room


Today Jubal poses as the manager of pop superstar Jennifer Lopez. He calls a hotel to make a reservation and for some STRANGE reason their computer cannot pull up J-lo’s info! That is unacceptable and if Jubal has his way…this could possibly cost the hotel hostess her job!! Hear what happens in the podcast!  

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