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Seattle Marathon (11-29-15)

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The MOVIN Street Team came out to the Seattle Center today to congratulate all the Seattle Marathon Runners after the finish line! We also helped them recover by providing music and swag to lift their spirits. Read More »

South Hill Mall Shopping Sleigh Rides (11-27-15)

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The Movin Street Team (Santa’s Helpers) visited South Hill Mall bright and early this Black Friday to assist shoppers to and from their cars in decked out Christmas-themed golf carts! We also hung out with shoppers inside as they were bargain shopping. It’s officially Christmas season! Read More »

Phone Tap PODCAST: How to Kill a Turkey

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Thanksgiving was a ROUGH holiday for Jubal. He was all alone at his place… family was coming over in a few hours and he hadn't even started cooking the turkey yet. He was panicked and he needed some help. So he made a phone call to the experts. Find out how it went in the PHONE TAP! Read More »