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Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (2/10/16)

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Plus-size model Ashley Graham makes history with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition & she's not the only one! There's another plus-size model & a 56-year-old!!!! [PICS IN LINK] Kanye West's tweet about Bill Cosby has everyone asking WTF!!! Plus, The Oscars are making a BIG change to make the speeches more entertaining & most people think it's genius!! Read More »

Phone Tap PODCAST: Snakes on a Mailbox

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Jubal calls a guy who apparently, is VERY very afraid of snakes... That's why Jubal tells him that he's works at an exotic animals store and accidentally delivered a bunch of deadly snakes to his home. Oops. Easy mistake. Read More »

Brooke’s 60 Second Sleaze (2/9/16)

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The Oscar goodie bags are worth $230,000 & there is some weird weird stuff in them!!!! Jay Z proves just how old he is in Snapchat video with Usher & Beyonce! [VIDEO IN LINK] And everyone is freaking out over where Beyonce stayed Super Bowl weekend!!!! She's just like us! Plus, Ciara is suing Future for $15 million & it all started with a picture of Russell Wilson! Read More »