Brooke's Buzztalk

  • Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper SPLIT
  • Lindsay Lohan “seriously considering” PLEA deal after weekend at NYC clubs
  • Lady Gaga doesn’t WASH her face before she goes to bed
  • Lady Gaga spends over $3 million on condo RENOVATION that will include egg bed
  • Party Animal MOMS wanted for new reality show
  • PICS: Tiger Woods 22 year old girlfriend just not that into him
  • PICS: Sandra Bullock and baby Louis out at the park
  • VIDEO: SHOCKING series finale of HBO’s “Big Love”
  • Royal HONEYMOON in Australia?
  • Martin Sheen UNDERSTANDS his son Charlie’s “hell”
  • Brett Michaels taught Charlie Sheen how to TRASH hotel rooms
  • Rebecca Black talks about the WORST comments she’s received about her music video

(Image courtesy of SpreePiX – Berlin.  Used under Creative Commons.)

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