Brooke's Buzztalk

  • Jessica Biel is giving away ALL of the gifts that Justin Timberlake gave her!
  • Jersey Shore cast gets a RAISE to $100,000 per episode
  • PICS: Fergie’s alleged plastic surgery makeover cost $30,000
  • PICS: American Idol haunted mansion for sale for $12 million
  • VIDEO: Jon Cryer debuts hard core rap album at Comedy Central Awards
  • Simon Cowell’s mother is WORRIED about his health
  • Regis Philbin getting his OWN daytime talk show?
  • TLC’s newest sister wife, Robyn, is already PREGNANT
  • Idol audience member BANISHED to back for being too fat
  • Nicki Minaj OPENING for Britney Spears on tour

(Image courtesy of stevendepolo. Used under Creative Commons.)

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