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  • VIDEO: Jersey Shore 4 sneak peek! OH THE DRAMA!
  • PICS: The pictures of Jessica Simpson that sparked pregnancy rumors!
  • Jennifer Aniston prepared to be a single MOM!
  • VIDEO: Ocotomom really did say “I am absolutely disgusted by babies.”
  • George Clooney’s ex, Elisabetta Canalis, just made $10 MILLION!
  • The youngest Kardashians, Kendall (15) and Kylie (13), are allowed to DATE now!
  • Chris Brown always parks in DISABLED spot
  • Justin Bieber considering going to COLLEGE
  • Rihanna more POPULAR than Lady Gaga on Facebook
  • VIDEO: Lady Gaga does “The Edge of Glory” acoustically

(Image courtesy of waitscm.  Used under Creative Commons.)

Paris Hilton walks out of GMA interview after “has-been” question!

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