Apple Cup 1 Man Flash Mob

Jose went down to the University of Washington during “Apple Cup” week to show off his SCHOOL SPIRIT… by singing the Wazzu fight song in Red Square!?!? It’s a One-Man Flash Mob!!! Uh oh… will Jose even survive this stunt?

(Sorry, poll no longer available.)

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He's made a lot of poor choices in his life but he says this (by far) was his worst one. Producing Brooke and Jubal in the Morning. At one time, he was a young, up and coming Executive Producer for a real life television show. But five years ago, he threw it all away to work with a bunch of idiots on the radio.... and so here he is. Just a shell of man..... writing bad jokes for Jubal and telling Brooke how beautiful she is every day. Poor guy. Oh, he's also married with a 2 year old boy named Jake, lives in Green lake and loves the Seahawks.

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