America’s Top 10 Trashiest Spring Break Destinations

10: San Diego  

We know that most of the people who live in the San Diego area head to other destinations for Spring Break, but that just means the people left partying here are extra trashy. You’re not allowed to drink on the beaches any more (due to a fight with drunken partiers and SWAT team members), but that doesn’t mean you can’t drink in the ocean.


9: Lake Havasu

The fact that Lake Havasu can only  hit #9 on our Trashiest Spring Break Destinations is one of the reasons why I love this country. You have chicks with humongous fake implants wearing tassels on a couple dinghys in a lake and somehow that’s not gettin’ it done. 


8: Fort Meyers FL

The name of the game when it comes to spring break partying in Fort Myers is Lana Kai. It’s an older, run-down area of the beach that is perfect for hosting the daily “booty contests” that happen during high-season.


7: Panama City Beach

If cruising in your buddy’s Ford F-150 doesn’t sound like a blast to you, head to Club La Vela. They’ve got festivities going on all day and night.


6: Miami Beach

It’s probably surprising that Miami Beach is on our list, but the more you think about it, the more it makes sense.


5: Myrtle Beach

During the day, you’ll spend your time on the beach getting hammered with whoever you come with.


4: Daytona FL

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Daytona Beach has become the “undisputed party capital for underage drinkers,” with over 1000 arrests made in 2010 for underage drinking.


3: South Pardre Island

How can it get any trashier than South Padre, a beach that essentially exists for the sole purpose of having wild parties?


2: Key West FL

Maybe it’s the fact that Key West is the southernmost inhabitable place in the lower 48 states or that its claims to have never had a frost, but this place is a continuous party. During the high Spring Break season, open container laws are not enforced – this is coming from the Chief of Police.


1: Las Vegas NV

Of course it makes sense that Las Vegas is the trashiest destination to head for Spring Break; it’s the home of gambling, strip clubs, and anything else you can buy with money. 

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