Jubal’s News (03/15/12)

  • The average American THROWS AWAY 33 pounds of food each month.  To read more on this study simply log on to “things that in no way pertain to Christina Aguilera.com”.
  • President Obama revealed his BRACKET for March Madness . . . and yes, half of the country already disapproves.
  • A Bulgarian man was arrested for trying to smuggle poisonous SNAKES onto a bus.  He would’ve gotten away with it too, if Samuel L. Jackson hadn’t shown up.
  • A new survey shows that most Americans have NO IDEA who St. Patrick is.  That’s crazy, EVERYONE knows he’s the patron saint of getting belligerent, speaking in a horrible Irish accent and waking up in the morning next to someone you’ll regret.
  • Schools are going to be able to choose whether or not they buy HAMBURGER that contains lean finely textured beef known as “pink slime”.  Not to worry if they choose not to, Paula Deen has already got dibs on any unused slime.  That stuff is delicious when you add a couple sticks of butter to it.

VIDEO: Here’s what drinking a milkshake at 100 mph looks like.

(Image Courtesy: anitakhart. Creative Commons)

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