Jubal’s News (04/17/12)

  • Scientists say that getting too little SLEEP ups your risk for diabetes . . . so does being Kelly Clarkson.
  • The University of Colorado is going to attempt to PREVENT the annual pot party on 4/20 by spreading fish fertilizer where the event is normally held.  Although I bet the only thing that happens is the attendees get the munchies for Goldfish Crackers.
  • Columbia, Missouri has been named the “HARDEST WORKING TOWN” in America.  Well of course, if I lived in Columbia, Missouri I’d spend all my time working to get out of there too.
  • The HOLOGRAM of Tupac that performed at this year’s Coachella may go on tour.  Whatever, call me when they can make a hologram of something as dead as Lindsay Lohan’s career.  Then I’ll be impressed.
  • Studies show that deadly car ACCIDENTS rise on tax day because of people rushing to get to the post office . . . and also from people trying to jerk the wheel into on-coming traffic when they see how bad they’ve been screwed by the government.

VIDEO: I’m pretty sure this infant can do more pull ups then I can.

(Image Courtesy: ElCapitan. Creative Commons)

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