Oh Baby

With the Cutest Kid contest going on…and since I can’t enter my baby…I had to post some pics on here to brag a little. Big thanks to Melissa at Baby Pictures Ultrasound in Bellevue who did the 4D Ultrasound for us. It’s crazy how spot on the ultrasound pictures were! He makes the same expressions as he did at 33 weeks!


About Cooper

Born and raised in Seattle...no for real, in the city limits! Kennedy Catholic grad (Go Lancers) and a WSU alum (Go Cougs!) now Cooper’s a North end transplant living up in the amazingly geriatric town of Edmonds, where he is the only person under the age of 65. He’s been talking at you on the radio since 2003 and has loved every minute of it! Text him your requests during the weekend at 78592.

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