Jubal’s News (10/22/12)

  • According to cosmetic surgery experts, sleeping without a bra is a major cause of SAGGING BREASTS.  See, that’s why I ALWAYS wear my best bra and panties to bed . . . not only is it sexy, it serves a purpose!
  • Smelly toilets at the Berlin airport SICKENED dozens of people the other day.  That’s pretty bad, especially when you consider these are people that can stomach David Hasselhoff’s music.
  • According to new research, people who lose their VIRGINITY later in life have higher paying jobs . . . and are also WAY better at video games.
  • A new survey shows that more people BELIEVE in space aliens than God.  Isn’t this called Scientology?
  • Experts say that OVERSLEEPING is bad for your health.  Unless of course you aren’t oversleeping because you’re up all night involved in methed-up sex romps, ’cause that could probably be bad too.


(Image Courtesy: Pictographie. Creative Commons)


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Jubal Flagg is a standup comedian, radio host, television personality and comedy writer. Known for his quick wit and keen and often strange observations, Jubal has been entertaining audiences on-stage and on the radio for over 10 years. Jubal currently hosts “Brooke and Jubal in the Morning” and can be seen throughout the country as a regular on FOX TV’s Dish Nation. Along with making people laugh on a daily basis by hosting one of the most popular radio shows in Seattle, Jubal also writes and produces comedy bits and daily topical jokes that are used by radio stations nationwide. In other words; he loves the craft of comedy so much that he even writes jokes for his “competition”. The son of two ministers, Jubal attributes his quirky sense of humor to, well, growing up with the name Jubal.

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