The TOP 12 Phone Taps of 2012!

Listen EVERY DAY at 7:20am & 9:20am as Brooke & Jubal count down the TOP 12 Phone Taps of the year! Which phone tap will be crowned #1 for 2012???


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#12) “Big Pook vs. The Hot Pockets” (LISTEN)

“Big Pook” keeps burning his mouth on those delicious Hot Pockets! Ouch! He’s SUPPOSED to wait 2 minutes for it to cool… but he just can’t stop himself! 


#11) “Lost Wedding Dress” (LISTEN)

A bride-to-be goes BAT-S*** CRAZY when Jubal calls to tell her that her wedding dress has gone missing two days before the ceremony!  Don’t blame Jubal, her fiancé e-mailed us to do it! 


#10) Raccoon Coverage” (LISTEN)

Do you have “Raccoon Coverage” on your car insurance policy? Neither did Mike. That’s why Jubal and the insurance company won’t be covering the damages of his stolen car.


#9) “Marie and the Pee Pee” (LISTEN)

Officer Rybeck calls Marie because they found security footage of her peeing behind a Jack in the Box! The restaurant wants to press charges… but there might be ONE WAY to make this all go away.


#8) “Toby’s Zoo-tobia” (LISTEN)

ONE OF THE GREATEST FREAK OUTS IN PHONE TAP HISTORY. Brian loses it when he learns that the guy renting his home has 13 cats & 14 ferrets. It’s Toby from ZOO-TOBIA!  


#7) “Roid Rage D-Bag” (LISTEN)

Jubal calls Steve to let him know that a girl was TOTALLY checking him out at the gym. But what was supposed to be a FRIENDLY phone tap turns into a nightmare when Steve’s roid rage kicks in!


#6) “Bigfoot Sighting” (LISTEN)

Greg went camping this weekend and SWEARS that he saw Bigfoot! So Jubal calls from the Parks Department to verify the sighting by having Greg imitate the SOUND of the mystical creature!


#5) “Costco Sample Monster” (LISTEN)

Jubal calls a frequent Costco shopper to let her know her membership is being revoked! She has been taking FAR too many free food samples from the store. Meet the Costco Sample Monster!

#4) “Wall Reset” (LISTEN)

Calling as a wireless technician, Jubal actually convinces a guy that the best way to fix his cell phone is to throw it against the wall.  The “Wall Reset” will do the trick…. uh, hopefully.

#3) “16 & Phone Tapped” (LISTEN)

A mom FREAKS OUT when Jubal calls to tell her that her 16 year-old daughter is PREGNANT! What’s worse… we have absolutely NO IDEA who the father is. 

#2) “Free Trip to Hawaii” (LISTEN)

Jubal calls a woman to tell give her a FREE TRIP to Hawaii!!! But it’s not THAT easy… she has to read a few VERY WEIRD lines for the company’s promotional ad.


#1) “Black Widow” (LISTEN)

Jubal calls from the Colorado Police Dept. because he suspects Doug is in GRAVE danger. His fiance MAY be the notorious “black widow” murderer. Listen to the phone tap as Jubal tries to SAVE his life!




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