MOViN 92.5 Diva Is Wearing Sneakers Made From Anaconda?

When I first saw these sneakers, I thought that they looked nothing different then what you’d see many celebrities wear. Then I find out that they’re made out of Anaconda and Stingray? Wow! I never thought Beyonce would rock that style of shoe but you got to see these. Click on the link below and let me know what you think? Hot or Not? — Maynard

Via [PopCrush]:

Beyonce is about inspire PETA’s ire again.

PMK, aka Perfectly Made Kicks, has custom-designed a pair of sneakers in the Isabel Marant sneaker wedge style, which is a personal favorite of Bey’s. But the reason PETA will despise these kicks is the material, which is constructed of exotic skins – stingray and anaconda!, as well as ostrich, crocodile and calf hair.

Bey’s got a whole zoo’s worth of critters and creatures factored in a single pair of shoes.

PMK x Beyonce x Isabel Marant is a high-end, fancy kick. Even so, we don’t doubt that PETA will take issue with the shoes and call them cruel. The animal rights organization went after the singer for her Super Bowl outfit earlier this year.

We all known that Bey is a glamazon, but there does seem to be an excessive amount of animal byproducts in her shoes. They look like wrestling sneakers, taken up a notch.

A post on the PMK site read as follows, claiming that Bey herself requesting the company to make her a shoe.

PMK starts the year off with another world’s first, taking the Isabel Marant sneaker wedge (back) to the cobbling block to create a one-of-a-kind design for R&B royalty and pop sensation Beyonce Knowles-Carter. Summoned by King Bee and given the task to create a custom design worthy of her approval, PMK takes the Isabel Marant sneaker wedge back to the beginning of time.”

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