“Mastermind” Behind Justin Bieber Murder Plot Reveals Motive

“He changed, and that made me angry.” WHAT!?!?! That was the reasoning given by Dana Martin for his plot to both kill and castrate Justin Bieber. He went on to explain that he believes (or beliebs? you’re right bad pun) that Bieber’s transformation to a more edgy, adult artist is phony.

Martin is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of a 15-year-old female, but when asked what became of his plan he simply responded, “It’s still on.” He went on to admit that were Bieber willing to meet with him he would plead guilty and testify against his two co-conspirators. According to Martin though, “To them that’s just bizarre.”

When did Justin Bieber enter into an episode of The Following??? I assume Bieber believes all paparazzi are “followers” of Martin and that’s the reason for his recent outbursts.

Here’s to hoping Martin doesn’t have access to Movin925.com and my snarky comments in prison.

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