Ke$ha Had "Eyeball" Sex w/ Johnny Depp

I’ve heard of some weird stuff in my time (*don’t ask*), but having “Eye-ball Sex” is a new one for even me. Not-so-new to Ke$ha, however. The “We R Who We R” singer dished out in an interview about her eyeball-sex with Johnny Depp, and it actually sounds less-gross than you might have guessed.


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“We never really talked – we just had eyeball sex,” Ke$ha said when referring to ‘meeting’ actor Johnny Depp. Sure they did.


In all fairness, Ke$ha has also had sex with a ghost once, so eyeball sex is mere foreplay.



In other “oh right, that’s Ke$ha!” moments, the blonde has been known to drink her own urine, to snap a photo of herself peeing on the street, to just hit it curb side with a beer like a stylish hobo, to gobble up people’s beards, to fellate a cannoli and to write a song with her mom about her vag.





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