Harry Styles: "T. Swift Is A 'Pain In The Arse'"

Finally!! Somebody says what we ALLLLLL know is true about Taylor Swift: she’s a mega-pain-in-the-a$$!!!!


At least according to Harry Styles, she is. The former bf of the serial-dater said in an interview that she was extremely difficult to date, and confirming the suspicion that America has known ever since her first revenge-single was released; she’s a nightmare.


From PerezHilton:



One Direction’s Harry Styles reportedly has no problem spilling the beans on his former ladyloves, including the one and only Taylor Swift, in the upcoming documentary One Direction: This Is Us. And according to him, Tay Tay is one “pain in the arse.” OUCH!


“I haven’t met a girl yet who I’d want to even think of getting serious with… I think I’ve been unlucky in love so far. But then, I haven’t really met anyone who’s made the earth move for me.. I’m longing to meet someone who really inspires me and makes me really want to spend time with them.”

The documentary, set to air in August, will give fans — and otherwise — an inside look at Harry’s relationship dramz with Caroline Flack and Cara Delevigne as well.






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