Kanye Goes After Another Paparazzi [Video]

Kanye just can’t help but thrust himself into the news. He first confronted a paparazzi last week and was deemed a fascist by TMZ. Well, surprise, he is still annoyed with the paparazzi and went after another at LAX this Friday.

This time, however, he might have gotten himself into some trouble as he is wanted as a felony suspect for attempted robbery. Of course the “victim” wants to press charges for this light grappling match. Or “vicious attack” if you subscribe to TMZ’s thinking.

You tell me. Does this attack look vicious?

Not doing himself any favors in the court of public opinion though Kanye tweeted this Saturday.

See the lyrics here. What do you think? Best of all time? Yea. Didn’t think so.

(Image Via. kennyysun/Flickr. Used under Creative Commons)

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