Justin Bieber DENIED Access to Another 21+ Club!

So Justin Bieber and his entourage have been trying to get into 21+ Clubs lately and have been hoping that throwing out money can do the trick to get him in even though he’s only 19 years old. Nope! “The Griffin” in New York City denied him access again as it’s the 2nd time wtihin the last week that a club has not allowed Bieber in. Probably fearful of them getting caught if Bieber was found intoxicated or served alcohol in the venue. Makes sense to me! What do you think? Should Bieber be trying to get into 21+ clubs when he’s only 19? — Ricky

via [PopCrush]:

“Justin Bieber was turned away and rejected…not by Selena Gomez but by an NYC nightclub. The singer wanted to hit up The Griffin in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan on Monday, July 29, but he was shunned. He is 19, which means he can’t drink legally or enter some premises where alcoholic beverages are served.

The Biebs rolled deep with his entourage, showing up at 2AM, ready to enjoy some bottle service and good times, according to TMZ. But his reputation –he is Justin Bieber, after all—and his bank account didn’t do anything to sway the powers-that-be. Security denied him entry because he is not 21.

While The Griffin slammed the door in his face, he found open arms at another establishment called Catch.

In the video of The Biebs’ most recent nocturnal behavior, someone keeps telling him to “stay black” while another screams “You’re my hero.”

With his nerdy black serial killer glasses, The Biebs rocked geek chic.

His rep and his name may get him courtside seats at a Miami Heat game. But it won’t get his underage butt into adult venues.”

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