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Eminem is BACK with a new single off his album “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” that’s due out November 5, 2013. It’s called “Berzerk” and it samples an old Rock song “Billy Squier – The Stroke”. I almost think it sounds similar to older Beastie Boys. Eminem is back to his old style of joking about current pop culture, even referencing the Kardashians & more. What do you think? — Maynard

via [PopCrush]:

“Eminem‘s 2010 album ‘Recovery’ was more of a contemplative album for the rap dynamo. It yielded plenty of unforgettable smash hits, but there was an element of redemption and vulnerability in them, since the rapper was recovering from some intense drug addiction, so his music reflected that darkness.

His new track ‘Berzerk’ from the forthcoming ‘MMLP2′ or ‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2,’ is a chunky, riffy and harder-edged party anthem that samples the Beastie Boys’ ‘Paul Revere’ and Billy Squier’s ‘The Stroke.’

‘Berzerk’ is Em’s carpe diem track, where he basically reminds people to go berzerk, because, well, life is short. No one is ever promised tomorrow, so might as well enjoy the day, with a raucous soundtrack like this song blaring in the background.

The Rick Rubin-produced track is one of Eminem’s most “rock” songs, and it’s soaked in vocal venom. Em hasn’t lost a lyrical step. He still spews his words with a fire in his belly. But despite his intensity, ‘Berzerk’ is really a fun song.

When Em spits “We gonna rock this house until we knock it down / So turn the volume loud’ and ‘Say f–k it / Before we kick the bucket / Life’s too short to not go for broke,“ we are reminded of why Em is considered the best rapper of his day. Even when he’s tough as nails, he’s still able to connect and relate. It’s his version of urban poetry.

The lyrical references are funny and pointed, like daggers. He refers to cough syrup, K. Fed (who gets mentioned in the chorus) and the ugly Kardashian, which is Khloe, since he mentions her hubby Lamar Odom and much much more. We hope Khloe doesn’t take it personally, since being namechecked by Em, even if he is throwing shade, is a badge of honor. He really mined junk culture for some of his lyrical nuggets in this song!

Overall, ‘Berzerk’ is a rowdy rocker, reminding us of Em of old. It’s one of his best in recent years as he goes ‘Bezerk’ on the mic.

‘MMLP2′ is out Nov. 5.”

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