[LISTEN] Customer Service Freakout

I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves frustrated (read: PISSED) when attempting to reach a sane person via a customer service phone call. They tend to be about as inefficient, inept, and basically as worthless as humanly possible. When you take into account that you’re already mad about something, all it takes is for them to ask you to confirm the “last 4 digits of your SSN” one more time before I unleash the fury.


A man named Mark was the unlucky rep who intercepted the phone call from a caller who’d been transferred and put on hold for THREE hours. Mark works customer service caller identified himself as “your worst nightmare.” You know how when you call customer service and they mention that they might be recording you for “quality assurance purposes?” Well, they’re also recording your threats to hunt them down with a machine gun. [Salon]





Prepare yourself for 8 minutes and 31 seconds of the kind of ungodly rage that only a customer service phone call can incite.




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