Dad Wears Short-Shorts to Teach Daughter a Lesson

Parents are SUPPOSED to embarrass us, right? That’s part of the gig after years of changing our diapers, cleaning up our messes, and buying us all the useless crap we wanted as teenagers. I think it’s only fair.


But one dad has taken this ‘lesson’ to a whole new level of AWESOME. You see, he was tired of his daughter wearing her little short-shorts & he decided to show her how ridiculous she looked. Hilarity ensued. [People]



Utah dad Scott Mackintosh turned a pair of his own jeans into short-shorts to demonstrate his unhappiness with his teenaged daughter’s skimpy wardrobe.


“Instead of turning her response and disrespectful attitude into a major battle, I decided to make a ‘small’ statement on how her short-shorts maybe aren’t as ‘cute’ as she thinks!” He said. So the father of seven took matters (and scissors) into his own hands, creating cut-offs and pairing it with a “Best. Dad. Ever.” T-shirt, which he wore out to dinner with his family.


“I was absolutely going for shock value and embarrassment,” Mackintosh said on Friday’s Today show.


He believes that “modest is hottest” lesson resonated with her and that his daughter is now “aware of my feelings.”



Best part about this entire thing?? His daughter is named MYLEY. Yes, Myley. You can’t make this stuff up.


Good job, Dad!! (You should call Billy Ray Cyrus and tell him your secrets)




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