Strangers Donate $70K To Homeless Man

FINALLY a “feel good” story instead of the consistent stream of negativity we see/hear all day on the news has happened!


A homeless man living in Boston had no idea he would become so popular after he approached a nearby police officer to hand over a backpack he’d found in TJ Maxx with more than $40,000 in cash and travelers checks inside. The Boston Police Department awarded the man, Glen James, “A Good Samaritan” certificate.


But that’s not the end of the story… [WSFA]



After reading how James found the backpack and money and then selflessly returned it, Ethan Whittington decided to take action. A friend had recently told him about a website for crowd-funding and he decided to set up an account.


Whittington started a page on the website, jokingly thinking he could raise $300 or $400 for James. “I was going to send it to the P.O. box that it listed on the article I read,” Whittington explained.


The outpouring of support was explosive. Within 24 hours, more than 2,000 strangers had donated more than $55,000 to the cause, shocking even the man who started the page. As the hours tick away, the donations have only grown to over $70,000.


Whittington says he’s talking with an organization that will help him manage the project adding that he’s received offers for computers, clothing and possibly even a job and housing for James. Whittington says he wanted to do something more than just hand over a check to James, that he wanted to positively influence the man’s life, and spark others to do the same.



A new, more ambitious goal of raising $250,000 is now underway. If you would like to donate, you can do so HERE.






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