On What Day of the Week are You Most Likely to Get DUMPED?!

  • A new study shows that you’re 4 times more likely to be stood up on MONDAY NIGHT . . . or if you’re name’s Jennifer Aniston.


  • Former President George W. Bush is now selling CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS that he painted.  How cool, it sound like someone decided to go back and finish elementary school.


  • Toronto’s crack smoking mayor, Rob Ford, has a HIGHER APPROVAL RATING that Barack Obama.  In response President Obama has now developed a meth problem.


  • 96% of companies will throw a HOLIDAY PARTY this year . . . and 100% of those will end up in someone getting fired.


  • A British strip club is offering “guilt free lap dances” because all of the money GOES TO CHARITY.  Big deal, I’ve been doing that for years.  The charity?  Some girl named Lexus’s college fund.
(Image Courtesy: Adrien Leguay. Creative Commons)

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