Desperate Craigslist Taco Bell Ad

I remember one of Jubal’s jokes from back in his early days of doing stand-up comedy in Seattle was about pot-heads and how “motivated” they were in their lives. I can’t remember it exactly, but it went something like this (sorry if I butcher this, Jubes, I’m paraphrasing):


“People like to say that pot-heads aren’t motivated people. They say that they don’t want to work or pay bills, they just want to play video games, eat junk food, and live in their parent’s basement.”


“Have you ever seen a pot-head who has nothing to smoke with? They’ll turn ANYTHING into a pipe.”


Again, sorry Jubal. I know your punch line landed with more force, but you still get the point. That’s why this dude in Baltimore continues to prove everybody’s theory on pot-heads all wrong. They’re not ‘dangerous’ criminals, and they’re certainly not trying to harm anyone by driving while intoxicated: they just want some Taco Bell, and they’re willing to pay someone who offers to get them there. 




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