If You Want to Find “True Love”… BUY THIS BRA!

  • There’s a new bra that only opens when it senses that it’s around TRUE LOVE.  In other words it will always open because guys truly love boobies.

  • A new study shows that you can end an argument by DIMMING the lights.  Added bonus, it can also lead to a nice round of make-up sex.


  • The Pope and some children released white doves of peace that were promptly ATTACKED by a group of other birds.  Well, that’s it, the end times.  It was nice knowing you.


  • 3% of people say cheating DOESN’T COUNT if it happens in a different country.  No wonder politicians travel so much.


  • A company is making a one-wheeled MOTORCYCLE.  It’s for those people who really want to ride a unicycle but still feel somewhat cool.


(Image Courtesy: Teresa Rodriguez. Creative Commons)


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