Awkward Kiss Cam

Awkward Kiss Cam

What happens when you attend a sporting event that likes to uses those gross “KISS Cams” on unsuspecting couples in the crowd?? If you’re this guy, you’ve got it all figured out. Or if you’re this couple, you make sure that you have a plan to get on TV.


But, if you’re this guy — you come prepared with a note to let everyone know exactly why you’re NOT going to kiss the cute lady sitting next to you. This was probably staged like the other ones… but, whatever. Well played. [Guyism]




About justin

He was the kid that you probably hated in elementary school. Loud, obnoxious, and attention-seeking, Justin was intent on getting what he wanted at all costs. After too many summers spent in some form of a plaster-cast, he settled for what his teachers couldn't stand: TALKING! As it turns out, it worked!

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