Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) on ‘The Price Is Right!’

In case you didn’t know already, Aaron Paul is the freakin’ man. ‘Breaking Bad’ was undeniably one of the most successful TV shows of all time, & in large part to his fascinating portrayal of the lovable, charming, and meth-abusing Jesse Pinkman. Now that BB is finished, we’ll see a new side of AP as he stars in ‘Need for Speed,’ which basically sounds like the best excuse ever to drive the fastest cars on the planet. The movie hits theaters next month, check out a clip below. 



I don’t know much about video games (or even Breaking Bad, to be honest); but I’m a massive fan of [the Bob-Barker-era of] The Price Is Right, and I had no idea that AP was once a contestant! Check out the hilarious video below. 



“I GET TO SPIN THE WHEEL, RIGHT??” Seems like he might have started the illegal crystals a little early…


He was also featured in a Juicy Fruit commercial where he has his pants telepathically ripped off.



Oh, and that one time when he was in KoRn‘s music video for ‘Thoughtless.’



Random, yet impressive. Touche, Aaron Paul. Touche.



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