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Mason’s Must: Rock the Kasbah Morrocan Restaurant

Boys, listen up. If you want bonus points for originality, you gotta take yo lady to Kasbah Moroccan Restaurant.  It’s the perfect date spot and even better FIRST date spot. Why? Well, in my opinion, you should always do an activity on a first date. Movies don’t let you interact and get to know each other and boring dinners might have you stalling for conversation. This place is anything but boring.

Now, the Kasbah is probably a little out of the norm for most Seattleites. I mean, where else can you dine in a fabric covered tent? And be entertained by belly dancers? That’s a conversation starter right there. And if you need even more convincing–the food is exceptional as well!  We decided to venture here for Valentine’s Day when they were offering a special five course dinner and I’m not gonna lie…I wasn’t expecting to like every dish. But I did! We all did! The seafood stew and lamb appetizer were uhhhhhmazing. As were the five mango martinis I threw back. #LUSH

Check ’em out here and let me know what you think. Like I could lead you astray. Pffft.

P.S. You gotta listen to this song on your way there. XOXO, Mason


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