Woman Trying to Become REAL LIFE Barbie Doll

  • A woman recently spent $42,000 on plastic surgery to look like BARBIE.  Now she’s undergoing procedures to make her dumb like Barbie.  Why?  She already sounds really stupid to me.


  • According to a new study people in New Mexico LAST LONGER in bed.  Well duh, everyone knows that meth helps you last longer.


  • Surveys say that women are way faster at BREAKING UP than men are.  Well not technically, men break up earlier . . we just live by the Tiger Woods’ school of “it’ll work itself out eventually”.


  • Facebook just BOUGHT the text messaging app WhatsApp for $19 billion.  This story would be way more interesting if I had any idea what WhatsApp was.


  • There’s a scam email going around that TRICKS YOU into opening it by telling you that one of your friends died.  That’s so dumb, I would never open up an email saying one of my friends died . . . a Snapchat maybe, but an email?  No way.


(Image Courtesy: Freddycat1. Creative Commons)


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