Mason’s Must: Couture Nails and Spa

I’ve searched high and low for a nail salon that can give me Pinterest worthy nails. You know, perfect looking designs that makes strangers stop and stare. I think I’ve finally found the Holy Grail of nails salons in Couture Nails and Spa in Seattle. I got a simple geometric nail design with bubble gum pink polish–but they can do way more complicated designs. Think 3D nails. Yup. Check out their Facebook page and Instagram for some of their works of art.

I seriously can’t imagine going anywhere else now. I mean, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve shown a picture of exactly what I wanted and left with something that looks like my 5 year old cousin did while she was hopped up on Pixy Sticks. Like these bad boys that I got a few weeks ago at a salon that will remain nameless. I asked for leopard print. Does that look like leopard print? No. It looks like slugs. Now, if I was going for slug nail art..well, then they nailed it!

Now, besides nail art, Couture Nails was pretty awesome in other areas too. They had super comfy massage chairs that made me want to melt and become one with the chair. The staff is super friendly and easy to communicate with. And the prices were really reasonable too.

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