Stacy Keibler Preggers!

Stacy Keibler Preggers!

George Clooney has dated a LOT of beautiful women — and none of them have been lucky enough to cash-in with a wedding ring or a baby.

But one of his exes, Stacy Keibler, found a new super-rich guy who DID do those things! I wonder if George will send a baby gift.. ? [YourTango]

If you thought she got married awfully suddenly, there’s a reason for it: Stacy Keibler is pregnant! George Clooney‘s former flame tied the knot with her longtime friend, tech tycoon Jared Pobre, last weekend in Mexico … after saying that she wasn’t interested in a wedding at all. But a shotgun wedding? Apparently that’s different.

The leggy stunner told PEOPLE she wanted her wedding to be a private moment for her and her loved ones. “We felt we wanted to put our money, energy and time into our intimate family and [share] this really special bond, special moment and special memory just with them. There’s just so much love,” she said. “It was such a celebration of love with the whole family, better than I could have ever dreamed of. We can’t stop smiling.”

Sources told the newspaper that Keibler is secretly pregnant by her beau of eight months, though her rep declined to comment. However, a verbal confirmation may not be necessary: If you see the photos in her PEOPLE spread, a shot in the table of contents reveals a pretty sizable bump on the otherwise toned, tan and taut Keibler.



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