Aloe Blacc NAILS Nat’l Anthem

Aloe Blacc NAILS Nat’l Anthem

Aloe Blacc is the man.

I realize how bad of a joke that is considering it’s the name of his biggest hit, but he is THE MAN. At 35 years-young, his career is blooming into megastardom. His new album “Lift Your Spirits” is getting great reviews, he’s featured on Avicii’s “Wake Me Up,” his song “The Man” was used in those awesome Beats By Dre commercials, he’s a mentor on The Voice, and he’s about to tour with Bruno Mars.

Mega. Star.

Not to mention he’s actually talented and can sing live better than most artists out today. Check out his performance from last month’s Daytona 500 when he nailed the National Anthem.

And check him out at SXSW!


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