“Walk of Shame” Kit For Sale!

Ladies & gents (but mostly ladies)!

Have you ever made the embarrassing trek home in the early daylight hours after a late night at someone’s place? How desperate were you for a toothbrush? Or maybe underwear? Or a t-shirt that didn’t have Fireball & sweat stains?

Introducing: The Walk of Shame Kit for the low price of $34.99!  Because seriously… you’d probably give someone $100 for just one of the items in this pack, wouldn’t you? [TresSugar]

Let’s see what’s inside, shall we? A dress, flip-flops (“because you can’t run away fast enough in the heels from last night”), a backpack (“to make a quick getaway with all your belongings”), sunglasses, a prepasted toothbrush (“you may not remember where your mouth has been”), wipes, and a call or don’t-call note card to leave behind (“in case he doesn’t remember your name and number, unless you don’t want him to”).

Wait, there’s more. You also get a breast cancer awareness bracelet, because a portion of the proceeds go toward a breast cancer foundation.

GENIUS! Admit it. This is pure genius. And if you’re offended by it… well, you’re probably boring at parties.


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