Now You Can LOSE WEIGHT Just by Using Your Phone?!?

  • There’s a THREE POUND iPhone case so using your phone will be a WORKOUT.  Sweet, I’ve been meaning to pump up my selfie arm.
  • Singing out loud is the MOST POPULAR thing to do while driving.  I always sing while I drive . . . then again; it’s hard not to sing when you’re pleasuring yourself.  Right?
  • A woman caught a Subway worker DRYING his socks in the bread oven.  Before you get grossed out though, remember, that worker is a sandwich ARTIST!  Don’t judge their craft.
  • A news station ACCIDENTALLY showed a picture of a guy’s junk.  They were reporting on how much bigger it was than mine.
  • 64% of men say that their stomach is the LEAST FAVORITE part of their body.  They obviously have never looked a little lower.
(Image Courtesy: Emily Rachael Hildebrand. Creative Commons)