Do THIS While You Speak & People Will ALWAYS Believe You

  • Experts say that the BODY LANGUAGE that you need to use in order to get people to believe you is to put your hand over your heart.  Ohhhh, that’s what I’ve been doing wrong.  I’ve been putting my hand over the wrong place.
  • Police stormed a man with a gun in his waistband but it ended up just being a TATTOO of a gun on his hip.  Still a valid reason to lock him up though.
  • Research shows that the PERFECT TIME to open a bottle of wine is 6:52 PM.  Cool, so I’m guessing experts must’ve gotten that whole “cure for cancer” thing figured out then huh?
  • There’s a baby in Colombia who WEIGHS 44-pounds.  The saddest part, there is no baby Weight Watcher’s in Colombia.
  • The average girl starts wearing MAKEUP at age 11.  That is ridiculous, I waited until I was 18 before I started wearing lipstick. Uh, I mean, wow that’s young and I think it sends the wrong message to women.

(Image Courtesy: Helga Weber. Creative Commons)