Make Yourself INSTANTLY More Attractive by Doing THIS

  • According to a new study you’ll be MORE ATTRACTIVE if you wear 40% less makeup.  They guys who did this study have obviously never woken up next to a female.
  • The job that has the highest amount of PSYCHOPATHS is a CEO.  I had no idea Kanye West was a CEO.
  • There are NO PERFECT NCAA brackets left.  However that one girl in your office who picked teams based on mascots is still kicking your ass.
  • According to a new study people in Alaska TIP the most.  That’s cool, however they still have to deal with the Palins.
  • A 27-year-old medical student is auctioning off her VIRGINITY and hoping to get $400,000.  That’s a lot to pay for some really terrible sex.


(Image Courtesy: Christine Roth. Creative Commons)