Spice Girls, Avril Lavigne, & Backstreet Boys TOUR??

Spice Girls, Avril Lavigne, & Backstreet Boys TOUR??

Remember back in 1997 when you heard ‘Wannabe‘ and thought to yourself, “wow this is the worst best!” And then usually, “what is a zigga-zig-ahh?”

Or do you remember roller-skating with your crush to ‘2 Become 1‘ and thinking… “man, I can’t wait for this to be over last forever!”

Those were usually followed up by Big Willie Style, Eve 6, or … the Backstreet Boys! Now the rumor has it that the two will be touring the country together in some sort of Remember The 90’s throwback tour. [TheFrisky]

Any day that the Backstreet Boys announce a new tour is a great day, but when they announce a North American tour to support one of their best albums ever, with Avril Lavigne as a special guest. Tickets go on sale March 21st with the first American stop in Seattle on May 22nd.

Backstreet Boys/Avril Lavigne 2014 Tour Dates

05/22/14: WaMu Theater Seattle, WA United States

See the REST of the tour dates here

Let’s re-live some of those BSB glory days, shall we? Maybe some Avril Lavigne, too for good measure.


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