Firefighter’s Surprise Proposal

I’ll be the first to admit that I normally think big, elaborate, over-the-top marriage proposals are gimmicky and, well.. dumb.

I’m not anti-marriage or anything, I just don’t like the “HEY EVERYBODY LOOK AT ME PROPOSE” way of thinking. However, with that said I will also admit that I really enjoyed watching this Ohio firefighter propose to his teacher girlfriend after a “fire drill” proved, well, just watch for yourself. [DailyMail]

Greentown, Ohio firefighter, Justin Deierling, surprised his girlfriend, Megan Zahorec, in front of her students and staff at Greentown School, where she is a counselor.

The 27-year-old was under the impression her firefighter boyfriend of six months was there for a fire drill, until she saw a sign Justin, 31, had made attached to the fire truck: ‘Miss Z, will you marry me?’

Justin (great name) also got the entire school involved by getting 600 ring pops for the excited students who cheered them on.

Cool. I want a ring pop now.


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