Lost In the Trees @ “Lively Lounge” in SoDo!

Lost In the Trees @ “Lively Lounge” in SoDo!

HUGE thanks to the beautiful people down at Lively Lounge for being kind enough to show some of the MOViN staff around their facility in SoDo today.

What these people are doing with their lounge & free smartphone app is totally new, & so uniquely Seattle. Have you ever missed a show because you were sick, busy, it was sold-out, or out of town? Thanks to Lively, that’s quickly becoming a problem of the past.



Located at 3412 4th Ave S, Lively Lounge is impossible to explain with one sentence (or even an entire blog post dedicated to it).

Let’s do some math: Lively Lounge is four parts music lounge, three parts startup App development, two parts recording studio (audio AND video), and soon to be one part BAR! That’s a lot of parts & I can’t count, but what I’m trying to say is: this place is dope.


I also spotted a couple personal friends who have already made a pit-stop through Lively! (Austin Jenckes & Tommy Simmons)


Lobby Lounge.


Live artist stage w/ very expensive house instruments.


Main room with couches, desks, and another smaller stage for live performances. The main (artist) stage lights can bee seen through the hallway in the bottom left corner, and behind the “Lively” projection on the wall you’ll find an additional (and lofted) seating area with main stage views.


We were also treated to a live performance from Lost In the Trees before their show this evening at The Crocodile in Belltown. They were fantastic, and you can hear their entire new album “Past Life” here.

Here’s a full tour of the entire Lively facility.

Don’t forget to download the Lively app & check them out on facebook. Enjoy!

all photos taken by me & edited with the befunky app

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