[PICS] A Cheeseburger WITHIN a Cheeseburger?!?

  • A restaurant in England is serving a CHEESEBURGER with another cheeseburger cooked inside the patty.  It’s like diabetes inception.
  • A guy named Christopher Reeves was busted for METH while wearing a Superman shirt.  Authorities say they knew he was on meth because he was “able to clean his bathroom with a toothbrush at 3:00 in the morning faster than a speeding bullet”.
  • 30% of all parents BORROW MONEY from their kids piggy bank.  It’s pretty sad when your 3-year-old has more savings then you do.
  • The newest trend on Instagram is for guys to pose with a SOCK on their junk.  I plan on doing this, as soon as I can find a sock small enough.
  • The zoo in Denmark that killed a perfectly healthy giraffe just did it again to a LION.  Finally a zoo I’d like to go to.
(Image Courtesy: LenDog64. Creative Commons)