$3000 For Someone to Do WHAT at your Wedding???

  • You can now pay $3000 at your wedding for a SOCIAL MEDIA CONCIERGE to take over your social media during your special day
  • Women try on over 43,000 articles of CLOTHING in their life.  Big deal, I’m not even halfway through my life and I’ve already worn way more women’s clothing than that!  Uh, I mean, interesting fact.
  • Facebook helped a woman find her mother who ABANDONED her in a Burger King bathroom 27 years ago.  Cool, however one look at her mom’s annoying posts and she had no interest in meeting her.
  • It now COSTS an average of $1,900 to go to prom.  Good thing I’ve got a full time job so I can afford to go still.
  • Police in New Jersey ARRESTED a guy who was riding a tricycle, naked, and chewing on glass.  There goes the man, always trying to stop the party.
  • According to a new survey, sewage worker is the LEAST SEXY JOB a man can have.  With the reaction I get from the ladies I figure it would be any job that I’m doing.

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