[LISTEN] Soulja Boy — “Macklemore”

[LISTEN] Soulja Boy — “Macklemore”

Welp, whatever song you used to think was the worst in the world… it’s been dethroned.

But first, you guys remember this track from 2006?

Soulja Boy is back… and it’s worse than ever. He is now comparing how himself – or more accurately, his bank account – to Macklemore.

“I’m getting money like I’m Macklemore,
I got a lot of money it’s coming through the door,
I got Louis V and I got Michael Kors,
I’m getting money like I’m Macklemore.

I’m getting bands like I’m Barack Obama,
I done had the game locked for like six summers,
I got a dirty gun in that hummer,
And your girl want me to ask for her number,
I’m getting money like I’m Macklemore,
Got a lot of cash and it’s coming through the door.”

In case you were wondering, “getting money like Macklemore” means roughly $16 million.



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