Zayn Malik Twitter “Death Hoax”

Zayn Malik Twitter “Death Hoax”


Adding his name to a loonnnggg list of twitter death hoaxes, Zayn Malik of 1D is doing just fine. The rumors started today (perhaps an early/gross April Fool’s prank?) with the hashtag “#RipZaynMalik” and quickly went as the highest trending topic worldwide. Fortunately, Zayn is alive & well.  [PopCrush]

One Direction fans around the world were thrust into a panic when #RipZaynMalik became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter today, March 31. But don’t worry, Directioners: Zayn is reportedly alive and, as far as we know, perfectly healthy — this was just another Twitter death hoax, conveniently on the eve of April Fools’ Day.

Relax, folks. RELAX. Here’s a music video to sooth your anxiety-ridden brain.

And here’s an even happier memory from when they were in Seattle last summer.



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