Kanye’s “Trophy Wife” Song for Kim

Kanye’s “Trophy Wife” Song for Kim

I’m not sure if I should think this is (for the hip hop community) a romantic gesture, or if it’s totally icky and kind of sad. Or maybe “I put an angel in your ultrasound” isn’t exactly aww-worthy.

I get it; you’re proud of your fiance, and proud that you’re with them. But what part of “trophy” is supposed to be sweet? Check out the track below. [TheFrisky]

Kanye West brags on a new collaboration with Future that hit the web late last night with a pick-up line that should get some mileage this spring: “I want to dip that ass in gold.” Future and West spend the song declaring their love and adoration for their fiancées — R&B star Ciara and living brand/legitimate businesswoman Kim Kardashian — by referring to them as trophies they won.



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