Men with THESE NAMES are the Most Likely to Cheat on You!

  • Guys named “Wayne” & “Liam” are statistically most likely to CHEAT on you.  How they do it with a name like Wayne is anybody’s guess.
  • A new study says that if you want people to think you’re smart you should SMILE more.  Oh, and also NEVER admit to watching the Kardashians.
  • The more you use Twitter the more likely you are to get DIVORCED.  Wow, do the positives of Twitter EVER end?
  • There’s a new trend of people TIPPING OVER smart cars.  Either that or it’s just been really windy lately.
  • A surgeon in New York got in trouble for allegedly SPANKING people who were under anesthesia . . . it looks like HE’S the one who needs a spanking now.

(Image Courtesy: Quinn Dombrowski. Creative Commons)