[VIDEO] Woman Goes on NAKED RAMPAGE In a McDonalds!

  • VIDEO: A topless Florida woman went TOTALLY CRAZY inside a McDonalds… Destroying everything and eating ice cream straight out of the machine!
  • Check out the new “ALPHABET BURGER”, a topping for every letter on the alphabet.  The “H” is for “heart attack”.
  • A Michigan man hugged the Easter Bunny to show his grandchildren that it wasn’t scary . . . then got ACCUSED of groping it.  But really though, have you ever SEEN the Easter Bunny?  Who doesn’t want to grope that sexy little mongrel.
  • Almost 1 in 4 people has a TATTOO . . . so, way to be original and rebellious tattoo lovers.
  • According to research people CHECK their phone 103 times per day. At least I think that’s what the research says, I was reading a text when I heard it.
  • Police in Portland CAUGHT the “hipster bandit”. Ugh, whatever, I was getting arrested YEARS ago.\

(Image Courtesy: LiveLeak.com.)