The Top 10 Reasons Relationships FALL APART

  • Experts say the top reasons relationships FAIL is, lack of communication, taking each other for granted and money issues.  So cheating isn’t on the list?  SWEET!
  • A new study finds that couples are most likely to ARGUE in bed at 11:49 and it will last 2 minutes and 12 seconds.  So, arguments in bed last three times as long as sex does?  That’s crazy.
  • Researchers have found that talking on your phone makes you act like a BAD PERSON.  However taking a selfie makes you the WORST person.
  • An attractive nude model got arrested for FORCING a delivery guy to have sex with her.  Weird, I just watched a video like this on the Internet last night.  Cops showed up to that incident too, but their response was very different than the real police.
  • A neo-nazi in Germany was arrested for passing out PAMPHLETS while wearing a cookie monster costume.  No surprise to me; I always knew the cookie monster was a nazi.

(Image Courtesy: Carlos Varela. Creative Commons)