The REAL REASON Airplane Food Never Tastes Good

  • Scientists have done research to figure out WHY airplane food never tastes good.  Awesome, must mean cancer is no longer an issue, right?
  • 57% of married couples think that their marriage will last FOREVER.  The other 43% have paid attention to life.
  • US Airways accidentally TWEETED hardcore pornography the other day.  Finally some decent customer service from the airline industry!
  • A Swedish man found a sex toy in a fish’s STOMACH.  Great, now I’m gonna be horny all day.  Thanks a lot Sweden!
  • The 14-year-old girl who tweeted a terroristic threat to American Airlines has been ARRESTED.  I don’t know, I still think she might be a terrorist . . . she was able to spell Afghanistan correctly.

(Image Courtesy: george ruiz. Creative Commons)