Jay-Z & Beyonce TOUR??

Jay-Z & Beyonce TOUR??

Could you imagine these two hitting the road like some sort of hip-hop Partridge Family??

I see it now: Blue Ivy at the merch table slangin’ CD’s & t-shirts, Jay-Z & Beyonce taking turns watching her count money. (“Now honey, mommy & daddy don’t need to know how to count money anymore, but it’s important that you learn”)

Are the rumors true?? [HollywoodLife]

Bey and Jay will be launching a stadium tour together this summer, according to Page Six. The royal couple is allegedly planning to announce a 20-date stadium tour across the United States that will start in June — and a July 4 date in New York City reportedly seems likely.

Jay Z completed his 52-date “Magna Carta… Holy Grail” tour in January, two months before Beyonce dropped the curtain on her massive “Mrs. Carter Show” tour, so they’re definitely free for more… if they want it.



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