This SEATTLE SPOT Was Named One of the “TOP 16” In the Country!

  • Suzzallo Library at the University of Washington was just named “One of the 16 COOLEST College Libraries in the Country”! You hear that kids? Libraries are “COOL”!
  • There’s a new website that lets you TRACK every detail of every sexual experience you’ve ever had.  It’s called “”
  • US Airways says that it is not going to fire the employee who accidentally TWEETED out pornography.  Personally I think they should also HIRE the girl in the explicit picture to be their spokesperson.
  • According to a new survey, 27% of women are BISEXUAL . . . and you STILL can’t get one to sleep with you.
  • There’s a NEW SCAM where people steal your W-2 then file taxes under your name and collect a refund.  I wish they did that to me; the criminals would just end up owing a ton of money.
  • Now dozens of teenagers are tweeting BOMB THREATS to airlines to try and get Twitter famous.  Hey, I’m all for anything that keeps them from tweeting about Bieber.

(Image Courtesy: Indi Samarajiva. Creative Commons)