Taylor Swift Crashes Fan’s Bridal Shower

I am admittedly not a Taylor Swift champion. Between her overused “I’m-So-Shocked” face, vindictive songwriting, and just annoying demeanor in general… I don’t necessarily like the things she does.

This, however, seemed pretty rad. She surprised a fan by showing up to her bridal shower during a trip to Ohio. [Popwatch]

T Swift posted a YouTube video Wednesday chronicling her visit to Columbus, Ohio, to surprise superfan Gena Gabrielle at her bridal shower. “I’ve never been to a bridal shower,” Swift tells the camera in her video blog — so why not?

Gena’s reaction to her idol walking into an Ohio banquet hall is priceless (preview her facial expression in the freeze frame above). Swift quickly makes herself at home, posing for selfies with the guests and giving hugs all around.

So, I guess all of those Celebrity Invites you send your favorite stars might actually work someday!


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